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Monday -Friday | 9 am - 6 pm 
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Smoking & Fireplace Wood 

The “pope” of smoking woods, Pecan is considered by many barbecue cooks to be the best.  Produces a rich, hickory-like flavor, yet is not as harsh as hickory. Pecan burns cool, so is ideal for the “low and slow” technique.  This wood is ideal for all meats.

Available by the Stick, Bag and Cord


Pecan Wood

$34.95 for Large Bag
$22.95 for Small Bag

Call for Cord Prices,  Out of Town

and Special Interent Orders

Wood for Sale

Call today for market prices and to place your order today

By the Cord |Bagged | By the Stick

Smoking Woods

Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Oak and Pecan, 

Fireplace Woods

Hickory, Oak and Pinon

Meats and Spices

Try our Rubs, Spices and Meats smoked with Southside Wood Company's finest smoking woods.

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