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The business was started in 1913 on Westport Road, in Kansas City,  just down the block from Kelley’s bar where we sold coal for home stoves. Back then the place was called Southside Patio and Wood. Before that, we were the Southside Coal Co.

We moved to Merriam Lane in the 50s and started selling wood – hickory, oak, apple and cherry. I could find the exact date somewhere, but the history of Southside Wood Company is a history of people and it is best told one story at a time with a little myth and no exact dates. Stories like the time when my grandpa sold a cord of wood to a guy that dialed the wrong number or the time when my grandpa had three friends over for lunch on February 2nd, and now, 55 years later, we still have a Groundhog Day party.

Our founder working his grill at lunch would feed his customers and his friends BBQ for free, while he sold wood deliveries over the phone. Our family kept it going in the same spirit of generosity and started smoking for charities and church fundraisers. Eventually we gave in to multiple requests and opened the Woodyard BBQ Restaurant. We’ve always been a family business. And we’ve always been a big family, quick to welcome anyone willing to work. Through the ages Southside has employed countless cousins and second cousins.

Come on down to Southside and have some BBQ from the Woodyard BBQ! 

The Woodyard BBQ was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on July 12th 2012 and Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations April 16th 2012

Meats and Spices

Try our Rubs, Spices and Meats smoked with Southside Wood Company's finest smoking woods.

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