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Monday -Friday | 9 am - 6 pm 
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Apple - Pinon Wood

$50 for Large Bag

$25 for Small Bag


Ceder-Hedge-Hickory Wood
$40 for Large Bag
$25 for Small Bag


Call for Cord Prices,  Out of Town
and Special Internet Orders

Prices subject to change, call for delivery prices.

BBQ, Smoking & Fireplace Woods 

Pickup, Local Delivery and Shipping

2020 Seasoned Oak Firewood Prices

1/2 Cord - $250 picked up, $285 Delivered

1 Cord - $450 picked up, $495 Delivered

Wood for Sale

Call today for market prices and to place your order today

By the Cord |Bagged | By the Stick

Smoking Woods

Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Oak and Pecan, 

Fireplace Woods

Hickory, Oak and Pinon

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Meats and Spices

Try our Rubs, Spices and Meats smoked with Southside Wood Company's finest smoking woods.


The Wood Blog:

Oak wood is the best firewood because of its density, which makes it burn hottest and longest of all hard woods.